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Plain pleated blinds look great in any room setting and conservatories. They are available in 20 mm and 25 mm pleats and can be made into an incredible variety of shape and sizes. Also making them particularly suitable for conservatory roofs, where shapes, skylight and side windows can be dressed with colourful fabrics, to help control heat and glare, during summer and retain heat during the winter.
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  • Infusion ASC White

  • Infusion ASC Calico

  • Hive Cream

  • Hive Hessian

  • Crush ASC Oyster

  • Infusion ASC Beige

  • Hive FR Sand

  • Crush ASC Raven

  • Crush ASC Sage Blue

  • Crush ASC Winter Green

  • Galaxy ASC Onyx

  • Galaxy ASC Scarlet

  • Galaxy ASC Silver

  • Hive Black

  • Hive Burnt Orange

  • Hive FR Concrete

  • Hive Silkweave Elephant

  • Infusion ASC Grape

  • Infusion ASC Hot Pink

  • Infusion ASC Lime Green

  • Infusion ASC Pink

  • Infusion ASC Sunflower

  • Premier Steel Blue


Textured pleated blinds are available in 20 mm and 25 mm pleats; our stunning collection contains a number of features that will assist your comfort and enjoyment. SPC (solar protective coating) and SPF (solar pearliest finish) treated fabrics have advance solar and optical properties that will reflect light to help reduce heat build up in your conservatory or in any other room.
Up to 50% off
  • Japonica ASC Silk

  • Boutique ASC Calic

  • Japonica ASC Cream

  • Japonica ASC Hessian

  • Willow ASC Beige

  • Boutique ASC Sand

  • Autumn Leaf ASC Walnut

  • Woodbark ASC Chestnut

  • Woodbark ASC Walnut

  • Autumn Leaf ASC Graphite

  • Japonica ASC Beige

  • Autumn Leaf ASC Silver

  • Japonica ASC Silver

  • Vine and Butterfly

  • Vine and Butterfly Spring

  • Willow ASC Blue

  • Woodbark ASC Ebony