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This unique, range of blinds, has been designed to work in complete harmony with PVC window frames. Sitting neatly into the frame up to the glass, the blind actually moves together with the window or door, making them ideal for tilt and turn windows. Designed for windows, doors, conservatory and skylights these blinds eliminate any gaps between the blind and the window frame. This creates complete privacy and light control in one easy step. Perfect fit blinds are available in our venetians and pleated ranges of fabrics and finishes including blackout blinds. Energy saving and solar reflective pleated blinds reduce heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter, providing a relaxing temperature control environment all year round. Installing Perfect Fit blinds is easy and unobtrusive, with no need to drill into UPVC or surrounding plasterwork. For complete peace of mind, Perfect Fit blinds are safe for use within children’s rooms due to them not having any cords or loops. Choose from white or brown frames for total integration with your existing windows, doors and conservatory for a flawless result.
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  • Japonica ASC Silk

  • Boutique ASC Calic

  • Japonica ASC Cream

  • Infusion ASC Calico

  • Hive Cream

  • Hive Hessian

  • Infusion ASC Beige

  • Willow ASC Beige

  • Autumn Leaf ASC Walnut

  • Boutique ASC Sand

  • Japonica ASC Hessian

  • Woodbark ASC Chestnut

  • Woodbark ASC Walnut

  • Hive FR Sand

  • Crush ASC Oyster

  • Crush ASC Raven

  • Crush ASC Sage Blue

  • Crush ASC Winter Green

  • Galaxy ASC Onyx

  • Galaxy ASC Scarlet

  • Galaxy ASC Silver

  • Hive Black

  • Hive Burnt Orange

  • Hive FR Concrete

  • Hive Silkweave Elephant

  • Infusion ASC Grape

  • Infusion ASC Hot Pink

  • Infusion ASC Lime Green

  • Infusion ASC Pink

  • Infusion ASC Sunflower

  • Infusion ASC White

  • Premier Steel Blue

  • Autumn Leaf ASC Graphite

  • Autumn Leaf ASC Silver

  • Japonica ASC Beige

  • Japonica ASC Silver

  • Vine and Butterfly

  • Vine and Butterfly Spring

  • Willow ASC Blue

  • Woodbark ASC Ebony